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Akimine Kamijyo Community

(of peace and love)

Akimine Kamijyo Fans
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A comm for lovers of Akimine Kamijyo and her manga, the completed Samurai Deeper Kyo, Shirogane no Karasu, and the ongoing Code: Breaker.


1. All posts must involve the works of Akimine Kamijyo in some way, shape, or form. Off-topic posts and spam will be deleted without warning. Advertising your RP is okay, but don't be a dickwad and stretch the tables.

2. No introduction posts. Why be redundant? Jump right in, we don't bite!

...most of the time. And certainly not in a way you wouldn't like.

3. This community is het, yaoi, and yuri friendly. Everyone has their own thing; flaming is not allowed. And keep character bashing to a minimum--we don't care how much of a whore you think Sakuya/Yuya/Okuni/Kyoshiro is. Save that for your personal journal.
     3a. AK fandom has never had wank and we fully intend to keep it that way. Be respectful to your fellow members. No flaming is allowed. If you have a problem, talk to a mod or take your differences off the comm.

4. All fanworks, long posts, and spoilers must be placed under a LJ-cut.

5. All entries containing explicit fanworks (i.e. smutfics, fanart containing nudity or excessive gore) must be placed under a LJ cut and friends locked.

6. We do not have scanlations here. Kindly refrain from asking for them. (We'll be more than happy to link you to them, though.) However, we do have translations of the weekly chapters.

7. We're an English-speaking comm, so keep your posts in English. No 1337-speak, and try to resist the urge to use fangirl Japanese.

8. That said, enjoy yourself.

important links

Tag List
    Find exactly what you're looking for, fast. And, seriously, check here before you make an embarrasing n00b post.
Raven-san's Samurai Deeper Kyo Character Map
    Samurai Deeper Kyo is a story full of interesting and complicated characters. Here's where we keep track of who's who! Be warned: this list covers all major characters up to current chapters as it is updated regularly.
    Where the layout CSS comes from.


(Please contact artillie to be added to this list!)

sdk_vn (A Samurai Deeper Kyo community for Vietnamese speakers)

other related comms

friendly neighbourhood mod-samas

artillie: Archivist and general maintainer; The Only One Who Does Any Goddamn Work Around Here
sanada: Translator; official community nee-sama